Most of our protein comes from animals, but are we eating too much meat? Is this bad for our health? Is this bad for our planet?

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BUGS OR BURGERS - tapescript -wtp055232.pdf
BUGS OR BURGERS - tapescript -wtp055232.pdf
BUGS OR BURGERS - tapescript -wtp055232.pdf

When our bodies digest protein, they break it down into

amino acids:

essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids

  • essential amino acids = these are the ones you MUST EAT i.e. include in your diet because it is the only way your body can get them
  • non-essential amino acids = your body needs these JUST AS MUCH as the others BUT ... you don’t have to get them from your diet because your body can synthesise (make) them

Scientists have classified some of these as non-essential because our bodies can synthesise (make) themand therefore it is not essential to get them from our diet. However, some researchers are questioning this classification when it comes those "non" essential amino acids which are very important in the metabolic reactions necessary for health, survival, growth and development. Their concern is that perhaps our bodies are not actually able to synthesise enough of the most vital ones.

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